The Goose Wines


Fancourt the Links

Golf in the Garden Route attended the Goose Wines tasting evening hosted by Fancourt at the world famous Links, which I must just say was outstanding we were wined and dined in style. The evening was so professionally put together, between the Links staff & Morne Jonker, we must salute them.

The Goose philosophy

– Be in control of product – have the passion and the balance

– Be dedicated to your market

– Have brand responsibility

– Be involved with the right companies

The Goose Wines – The Upper Langkloof appellation is arguably the coldest wine growing region in South Africa. These extreme climatic conditions ensure complexity of fruit & unique grapes that are handcrafted into world-class wines.

“The Goose” is styled into classic & elegantly structured wine by ageing it in these barrels for a further 18 to 24 months.
The Goose Expression 2005 is a 50% Shiraz & 50% Cabernet Sauvignon blend. The prominent Shiraz ensures herbaceous tones & white pepper flavours which fuse with the soft, blackberry undertones of the Cabernet Sauvignon.


WINES: The Goose

The Gander – to the standard market – Silver “Sauvignon Blanc”

Sauvignon Blanc 2008 – Food Wine

Sauvignon Blanc – 2009 – 4 star in Platinum


Goose Expression 2008 – The Goose – not in the stores yet…

70% Shiraz

30% Cabinet

Goose Expression 2007

60 % Shiraz

40% Cabernet


The Goose Expression 2005

50% – 50% shiraz & cabernet


The Gander 2009 – Everyday wine (shiraz)


2005 – sold out

2007 – in market

2008 – still to come to stores


This truly a unique new-world blend, that achieves the much sought after, traditional old-world balance & elegance.


The Goose Wines are owned by:

Dr.Werner Roux

Reteif Goosen

Morne Jonker

And I think the blend of these 3 men is just as unique as their wines are.