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by Mariska

58 golfers from all around the World participated in this Unique event – 6th Annual Year – played 9 World renowned golf courses in 7 days along the Garden Route

Wow what an awesome week it was for me and my team.

Believe it or not we miss you all!
Thank you for a wonderful week of making new friends.
And for the rest of the group – once again like a reunion! For some of you 2015 was your 5th year.


A few thank you’s:

  • You as the players – without you this event wouldn’t have been possible and so successful!
  • We want to thank all the golf courses that hosted each day along with us, it has been a pleasure working with you all! The players had such positive feedback on the quality of our courses, the friendliness of the staff and the excellent food! It’s an honor to work with each and every one of you!
  • God has blessed us with an awesome group this year – 2015 is one to be remembered!! He has also blessed our socks off with favourable weather!
  • I want to thank each and everyone of you for supporting our Charities – Underprivileged potential golfers in the Southern Cape as well as Mickey and I’s charity – feeding and clothing the people on the street – a total of R12 000
    • Money we collected was through the raffle board each day and personal donations that has been made!  God Bless you all! (we will let you know how much we have raised and how we are distributing these funds)
    • Thank you for making a difference in these peoples life’s.
  • Lastly thank you to all the sponsors without them this event would have not been possible to have spoiled you like we did.

GIGR Sponsor Graphic


Most importantly Congratulations to ALL the WINNERS of each day!

This ranges from Longest Drive
Nearest to the pin
Raffle prizes
Daily Individual players – Runner up and Winner
Daily Betterball players – Runners up and Winners

Special congratulations to the overall top 10 Winners!
Playing 9 golf courses in 7 days

THANK YOU to GARDEN ROUTE FUEL for sponsoring the overall prizes!!

  • Longest Tour                      All the way from Netherlands – WOW thank you boys for your support!! – Philip Waalewijn & Gert van Essen – LOVE YOU BOYS!!
  • 10thplace                             Bertus Rust & Theo van Tonder with 342 points
  • 9thplace                               Donald Oliver & Maria Rein with 343 points
  • 8thplace                               Mark Jacobs & Pieter van der Merwe with 344 points
  • 7thplace                               Hans Lavallee & Verena Lavallee with 346 points
  • 6thplace                               Dirk Althaus & Christoph Neumann with 347 points
  • 5thplace                               Daan le Roux & Henry Erasmus with 350 points
  • 4thplace                               Shane Hartman & Ken Hartman with 351 points
  • 3rdplace                               count out – David Kleynhans & Clive Cooper with 359 points
  • 2ndplace                               count in – Winners of 2014 – Hans Lichtenberg & Sue Dieners with 359 points

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Summary of the tour:

Day 1 (Plett & Goose Valley) kicked off with a BANG at Plett Country Club with registrations at 7am AND the fact that 36 holes had to be played – She (Mariska) knew there was loads of cutting in the pipeline 😛 Plett course looked really good, as did Goose Valley and the weather was amazing – it was great to see the some of the players already playing with matching team kit (probably gunning for the best dressed prize from day one lol) – some of the first four ball pics had a STOMACH IN CHEST OUT effect through the camera lens hehehehehe (ja, die lens mis niks :P) Onto the opening prize giving, the organiser welcomed the new faces as well as all the regulars that return every year, players were briefed on the rules, new scoring system and the itinerary for the week. It was amazing to see how a lady kicked butt on the day, she walked away with more beer prizes than anyone else – and she is from Germany, go figure lol!! Thank you to Brandhouse for sponsoring prizes for the day!
IMG_3175 IMG_3166






Day 2 (Simola) started with amazing weather and great smiles as everyone had a nice late morning to sleep in or sleep off the night before (which ever one of those apply to you :))The players teeing off on the tenth, had the pleasure of added sound effects during tee off – thanks to our local baboon colony hiding up in the trees (it’s almost as if they knew that screaming at the EXACT moment you tee off, would distract you lol) Half way through the first 9, weather turned and lightning soon became the talk around the field – some were fairly cautious, some were ok, but the guys from Jo’burg had NO SAAK! Now it makes sense why some came off the course in the dark.

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Day 3 (Pezula) was another blessing with beautiful weather and an awesome golf course! This was the second early start of the tournament and loads of excitement once again, but this time for receiving their tournament shirts at registration! Eager were the guys to get to the putting green to shoot a few balls before their tee off.. From this day onward, players started keeping a close eye on the overall score sheet – THE GALA IS ON!!!  We had a broken 4 ball at first and we would like to thank Pezula Golf Club that made the effort to find us a player – Thank you Moyo!  The day concluded with lunch and prize giving, we want to thank Avis for sponsoring the Knysna leg of the tournament!

AVIS white on red block

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Day 4 (George & Kingswood) was another early start with the second round of 36 holes to be played in one day. George being one of the oldest and the most popular golf course in the area, produced beautiful fairways and smooth greens (perhaps not so fair and smooth for some of the play that happened hehehehe) Thank you to Sandra the Golf Director for assisting in the day. Moving over to Kingswood, despite some delay in the field, the field got going at a fair pace. Strange things started happening when we took the camera around the course….. Strange behaviour left, right and centre with pics of guys shoving their heads through the another guy’s legs, a couple of golf ninjas appeared (or at least that’s what it looks like lol) and then there was Donald going down on his knee practicing his proposal to Maria hahahaha – ALL AND ALL, the attitude and atmosphere around the field was entertaining, fun and awesome to see how much everyone had in them despite the fact that they are playing 2 courses and it ends with a very difficult Kingswood. WE SALUTE YOU – Especially those that looked like they played 72 holes on day 4 lol!

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Day 5 (Oubaai) was really special for us as this was GOLF IN THE GARDEN ROUTE shirt day 🙂 – the group photo’s came out stunning, the entire field LOOKED AMAZING! With a quick word on local rules from Oubaai management – what a special touch guys – Thank you!, the field was off to a shotgun start (no baboons this time – or we couldn’t hear them at least), we were only blessed with the sight of Springbuck. Amazing scenery, along with awesome shots being played and smiles all round tells us that everyone enjoyed the round at Oubaai! Awesome finger snacks and pizza was serve before prize giving and a HUGE thank you to Ernie Els wines for sponsoring AMAZING prizes for the George leg of the tournament!

EE W illustrator hi res

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Day 6 (Mossel Bay) was a pleasure from the moment the organisers walked in – everything was stream lined and our job was made easy so you all could have a smooth registration process on a course that has just had a lot of money spent uplifting various areas on it. Although we had a few drops of rain, nothing too serious and it cleared up shortly after. Another course we had the privilege of seeing Springbuck again and it is true what they say: “You can see the sea from every tee” Prize giving wrapped up shortly after lunch which gave the players time to relax a bit for the evening (AND THE ORGANISERS ;)) Thank you to Garden Court Mossel Bay for sponsoring great prizes for the Mossel Bay leg of the tournament!

Garden Route

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Day 7 (The Finale @ Pinnacle Point) started with phone calls and whatsapp messages early morning already from players wanting to know what will happen to the overall results, should we not be able to play due to bad weather… After a chat to the powers that be at Pinnacle Point and some firm prayer, the responses were clear that the field will play unless it rains really bad or the greens are water logged. So the field diligently started teeing off the the 7th and final day of the Annual Garden Route Road Trip 2015. By grace from above, the weather cleared up around just before the field started turning. Despite it being the 9th golf course in 7 days, spirits were high, smiles still going all round and what a pleasure to experience everyone returning with eager anticipation of the finale prize giving.

Alan started everyone off with a really good experience on how to appreciate “a wee dram of whiskey” (sadly we can’t type in a Scottish accent hahhahaha) – many did partake in this acquire tasting experience, supported by the fascinating sounds of the bag piper complimenting the overall Scottish theme. Alan soon progressed to chopping up a Haggis with a “MOERSE” sword and then lit poor Anton’s handkerchief leaving nothing but a hole and just short of setting the fire alarm in the clubhouse (PS clearly he didn’t practise the magic trick enough at home hehehe). In a nutshell, with the theme being a Scottish theme, we felt it would be suited to bring in a Scotsman all the way from Cape Town to entertain you – we thought he did an amazing job! Well done Alan Shuman! It’s few and far between that you see tables filled with the prizes that were won at the finale – in fact, if you think about all the prize givings throughout the 7 days and add all of that up, you will realise what an important part the sponsors have in this awesome social tournament, we are DEEPLY grateful for each and everyone of our sponsors! And a special thank you to Garden Route Fuel for sponsoring the overall prizes of the tournament finale!

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From the team side, it was a fun and exceptionally invigorating and fulfilling experience – we are so excited for the 2016 tournament and looking forward to having as many of you back as possible (and bring some more of your friends), and we are just as excited and happy to have met and enjoyed the week with all the new faces of the 2015 Road Trip! We miss, we appreciate each and every one of you and we wish you all the best for the rest of the year, until The Annual Garden Route Road Trip 2016, God bless you all!


Loving regards,

The Scissor lady and her team!


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