The Look Out Deck

POSTED ON: September 11, 2009 IN Where to Eat in Plettenberg Bay
by Mariska

Built in 1993 by owners Chris and Pippa Stroebel, the location of the Lookout Deck is unequalled along this stretch of coastline. With panoramic views of sand, sea and distant mountains, many visitors to the restaurant are probably unaware that the Lookout Beach is in fact one of only two Blue Flag beaches in South Africa. This prestigious rating is given by a world recognised authority who grade beaches according to various criteria, with a Blue Flag rating being the highest attainable world wide. Access to the restaurant has recently been improved with the addition of a sturdy ramp, and cloakroom facilities have been upgraded to ensure that the physically challenged can also enjoy the splendid views from the Lookout Deck with no fuss or bother.

The diverse menu caters for all tastes, and the excellent kitchen facilities and well trained staff ensure that the restaurant is able to produce a wide variety of delicious meals throughout the day. The Lookout is big on breakfasts, especially during the school holidays when it is an occasion for the whole family. Those with a hearty appetite will enjoy the Big Brekkie, which is indeed a breakfast fit for a King and guaranteed to start the day off on the right footing! Late risers who prefer to skip breakfast, have plenty of choice for an early lunch whether it be a light snack, pasta, fish, or a delicious salad such as Shrimp and Avo or the delectable Caesar Salad made with only the freshest ingredients.

Seafood lovers are spoilt for choice with tender Calamari, superb wild coastal Oysters, and the famous Pint o Prawns to mention but a few fish dishes which are highly recommended. The Lookout is also well known for their excellent char-grilled steaks, and the meat is matured on the premises to ensure that the quality remains constant. For a decadent dessert try Pippa’s rich homemade Cheesecake, or melt in the mouth Pavlova – you won’t be disappointed. The downstairs venue of the Lookout offers slightly more sophisticated dining and is the perfect venue for those who prefer to spend the whole evening relaxing over dinner. During the peak summer season it is however open from 12.30, and the cool shady interior is a welcome relief from the hot midday sun

Trading Hours

Summer: 08:30 – 23:30
Winter:09:30 – 23:00

Food Types

Main: Seafood
Other: Fusion, Breakfast, Light Meals

Lookout Beach
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